The Culture Front

Let’s face it. The insurance industry is still holding on to the 1990’s. No, I am not talking about technology. I am talking about culture. I am talking about culture driving results. I am talking about culture dramatically improving your top and bottom line. Now I have your attention. My intention in writing this article […]

Upwork Hiring: the Rule of Three

I’ve hired 450 Upworkers over the last eight years and paid $4.2M in wages.  I think that makes me an Upwork superfan.   Interviewing, whether on or off Upwork, pains me.  I do my best to ask rigorous questions and score them consistently, but I know the data: I suck at interviewing and so do you.  […]

No Longer Frugal

Back in 2006, I launched my first startup: a CRM for mortgage companies with $230K in funding from three of my former bosses.  We ran face first into the financial crisis and I missed payroll in 2008.  Twice. My face still burns when I remember the shame I felt calling up my investors to ask for […]

iPhone Users Have Stockholm Syndrome

Until the iPhone 12 release, I had been an avid Google Pixel fan since 2015. This meant that I was also part of many, many conversations where people were shocked that I –a UX designer– would opt for an Android over an iPhone, despite iPhone having a “““better””” experience for its users. But I loved my […]